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                                                  “多边之友小组”(FMG)和世界经济论坛(WEF) 联合举办“中国在澳门皇冠改革上的立场”高级别晚餐会

                                                  2019年5月29日 ,日内瓦“多边主义小组”(Friends of Multilateralism Group, FMG)和世界经济论坛(WEF)联合在日内瓦举办了“中国在澳门皇冠改革上的立场”高级别晚餐会 。会议由FMG联合召集人卢先堃教授和WEF国际贸易与投资总监Sean Doherty主持 。

                                                  晚餐会上 ,对外经贸大学澳门皇冠研究院澳门皇冠教授做了主旨发言,围绕中国于5月13日向澳门皇冠提交的《中国关于世贸组织改革的建议文件》 ,从学术视角介绍了中国在澳门皇冠改革上的立场。欧盟、瑞士、印度、墨西哥、新西兰、澳大利亚、新加坡、挪威等10个澳门皇冠成员的大使和副代表、FMG多位成员以及“FMG之友”(FFMG)参加 ,就澳门皇冠改革、中国立场和作用以及中美贸易冲突的影响等展开了热烈讨论 。



                                                  The Friends of Multilateralism Group


                                                  The Friends of Multilateralism Group (FMG), established in 2016 in Geneva, is agroup of independent experts firmly committed to promoting multilateralism andshared growth within the multilateral trading system (MTS). They mainly includeformer senior trade diplomats, former senior staff of internationalorganizations and renowned scholars. FMG endeavors to buttress efforts byMembers, both delegations and capital officials, on 澳门皇冠 reform and other issuesof importance to the MTS and help them restore the centrality of the 澳门皇冠 forthe governance of trade and investment. FMG will strive to providehigh-quality, independent and expert advice through a series of activities andproducts, including researches, debates, consultations and policy advice, tohelp build a positive eco-system to inform and support potential compromisesand landing zones for the sustainability of the multilateral trading system.

                                                  FMG is co-organized by Alejandro JARA and Xiankun LU. Itsmembers include Richard BALDWIN, Daniel CROSBY, Simon EVENETT, StuartHARBINSON, Bernard HOEKMAN, Anabel GONZALEZ, Alejandro JARA, Patrick LOW,Xiankun LU, Hamid MAMDOUH, Hector TORRES, Guillermo VALLES. FMG engagesextensively external independent experts, as need be.

                                                  Some representatives of relatedinternational organizations are also invited in theirpersonal capacity, as“Friends of FMG” (FFMG), to enrich the discussions and bridge effectivemessage-passing with such organizations. FFMG members areVictor DO PRADO (澳门皇冠),  Sean DOHERTY(WEF), Pamela Rosemarie Coke Hamilton (UNCTAD), Jos VERBEEK (WB), and AnthonyWilson (ITC).




                                                  Dinner on China’s Position on 澳门皇冠 Reform

                                                  29thMay 2019, 19:00-21:00

                                                  Hotelde la Cigogne, Place Longemalle, Geneva, Switzerland


                                                  19:00    Welcomedrink

                                                  19:15    Welcomingremarks and introductions (5 minutes)

                                                  -    Xiankun LU, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  19:20    Keynoteaddress (15 minutes)

                                                  -    Tu Xinquan, Dean, China Institute of 澳门皇冠Studies, University of International Business and Economics

                                                  19:35   Q & A (15 minutes)

                                                  19:50   Thoughts (10 minutes)

                                                  -    Stuart Harbinson, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  -    Marc Vanheukelen, Ambassador of the European Union to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  20:00   General discussion

                                                  20:55   Closingremarks (5 minutes)

                                                  -    Sean Doherty, Head of International Trade and Investment, World Economic         Forum, andFriend of Friends of Multilateralism Group (FFMG)

                                                  21:00   End




                                                  Dinner on China’sPosition on 澳门皇冠 Reform

                                                  29th May 2019,19:00-21:00

                                                  Hotel de la Cigogne, Place Longemalle,Geneva, Switzerland


                                                  • Tu Xinquan, Dean, China Institute of 澳门皇冠 Studies, University of InternationalBusiness and Economics

                                                  • Mikael Anzén, Ambassador of Sweden to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Didier Chambovey, Ambassador of Switzerland to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Frances Lisson, Ambassador of Australia to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Dagfinn Sørli, Ambassador of Norway to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Hung Seng TAN, Ambassador of Singapore to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Marc Vanheukelen, Ambassador of the European Union to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • David Walker, Ambassador of New Zealand to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Roberto Zapata, Ambassador of Mexico to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Aseem R. Mahajan, Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Marcel Vernooij, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the 澳门皇冠

                                                  • Stuart Harbinson, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  • Patrick Low, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  • Xiankun LU, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  • Hamid Mamdouh, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  • Hector Torres, Friends of Multilateralism Group

                                                  • Sean Doherty, Head of International Trade and Investment, World Economic Forum, andFriend of Friends of Multilateralism Group (FFMG)

                                                  • Pamela Rosemarie Coke Hamilton, Director.Division on International Trade and Commodities, UNCTAD, and Friend of Friends of Multilateralism Group (FFMG)